What Are The 10 Gym Mistakes You Make?

In this material, I will try to unfold the WHAT ARE THE 10 GYM MISTAKES YOU MAKE? that are made, in our desire for possibly faster results, in our desire to show off to others, or in other words, where are we going wrong?

It's no secret, nor news, if I tell you that about 80% of gym goers (in our opinion) don't know what they're doing - they have a goal, but no idea how to achieve it. But they are there - regular gym goers are. Of course, the reasons for mistakes are much, much more than you think, but they are all a reason for one thing – to make mistakes, just when you shouldn't – while training, in the gym.

GYM Mistake #1 – Lack of any concept of fitness results

This is probably the biggest mistake most people make when they enter the gym. They enter them to reassure themselves that they are doing something for themselves, with a better goal, but in reality, they are only deceiving themselves. These people start their classes with weights or cardio equipment chaotically, haphazardly, guided by one single criterion - how tired they are, how much they sweat, and how many kg they are lighter afterward on the scale! But that's not where the story is, of course. Fatigue is a good thing, to indicate the volume of work done, but is it a reliable enough mark and criterion? No!

The lack of a fitness concept comes from a lack of knowledge, approach, and desire, a real desire, to do things according to plan. Because he who seeks finds. Many people consider themselves to know about fitness and I often witness "inspired", and "understanding" - especially men, people, and fitness lovers who work out but do not know how. Because they lack a concept. If there is, you know - his fitness program will be present in his hands, the grading of fitness movements according to criteria, he will work diligently and efficiently. Therefore, a lack of concept dooms fitness results to complete failure!

GYM Mistake #2 – Lack of desire to train

The second very big mistake is to lack the will to train. What does this mean? Everything will be done by force, simply because we need to lose weight/gain body mass and nothing else! We know what happens when we don't go to work willingly - no work done! Right? So what should we expect if we reluctantly go to the hall? The lack of desire shows how hard we are looking for fitness results.

[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="300"]GYM Mistake #2 – Lack of desire to train GYM Mistake #2 – Lack of desire to train[/caption]

It shows our attitude to work and the products of our work - will it be the new vision, tone, or self-confidence? The sullen faces, the bored faces are becoming more and more noticeable - it makes all these silhouettes sluggish, against the background of the energetic faces, who are headstrong training, and having fun while moderating their bodies! Therefore, a lack of desire dooms fitness and results to complete failure!

GYM Mistake # 3 – An incorrect technique in performing fitness movements

The reason – again ignorance in the field. But I didn't see anyone here anymore - I only blame those who don't try to learn. I observe many people frantically turning down the services of coaches, instructors, or people who look a little better than them for advice. Demonstrating a fitness movement and explaining it in detail are important things - to learn things and perform them correctly to have a vision change. Separately, the correct technique of performing the movements guarantees physical health and protects our body from injuries. When we don't properly train a given muscle with the corresponding movement, we can forget about a fitness look. Am I wrong? Therefore, the incorrect technique in the execution of a fitness movement dooms the fitness results to complete failure!

GYM GYM Mistake #4 – Lack Of Concentration

Let's talk about the soap opera, the love affair with the partner, the gossip of the day - a common topic of conversation, resembling cheap "talk shows" in the late evening hours of our native television. A typical sight! Well, and? What happens though - is we lose the brain-muscle connection and the fitness results go to the "cinema". Because we lacked concentration. We forget about breathing, proper execution technique, the rests between sets that guarantee the appropriate intensity, and even training safety. And? Therefore, lack of concentration dooms fitness and results to complete failure!

GYM Mistake #5 – Too long/Short Fitness Training

In trying to lose weight, a fitness enthusiast, when he does not have a clear concept and strategy, falls into the trap of too long or too short fitness training. The first case is the most comical - a bump with the iron, a sweat, intensity boiling in the eyes of the exerciser, but it's all funny, to say the least, don't you think? Or – too lazy and short fitness training? Anyone who has seen me live can tell you how to train - I will help you - I don't see anything but dumbbells and machines in the gym. I don't see who's doing what, or who's saying what, I'm moving from machine to machine, from dumbbell to dumbbell so concentrated that I even command respect as long as I'm walking and showing proper behavior in the gym. Therefore, the lack of an efficient and compact workout dooms your fitness results to complete failure!

GYM Mistake #6 – Lack of effective gear

Exercising in flip flops, barefoot, or slightly naked is no longer a fashion, it's just a daily routine. This is not fitness etiquette! If you are barefoot, you have no support, it is unsanitary, etc. You even show disrespect to everyone else ... In flip flops and sandals - it's even funny, enough please - I don't come to the gym to look at your feet - I'm more impressed by a "cut" male calf or an elegant lady's ankle, but not your bare feet legs, right? Are there others who think like me? I've also noticed a lot of people dressed up, with sweatshirts, hats - all this gets in the way, understand - the catwalk is elsewhere, be equipped - wear nice cotton clothes, airy tops - t-shirt, nice blouses. Wear sturdy and soft shoes. Always wear a sock! Bring a towel as well as water. Therefore, the lack of comfortable gym clothes dooms your fitness and results to complete failure!

GYM Mistake #7 – Not having a training partner/Coach

Not having a training partner is also a mistake! Because he keeps you safe during all the fitness movements (when he knows how, of course), he stimulates you for a higher intensity of the fitness training itself. The fitness partner (trainer) gives courage, the self-confidence that you are not alone in the endeavor, he can make corrections if something is not performed properly, etc.

[caption id="attachment_332" align="aligncenter" width="300"]GYM Mistake #7 – Not having a training partner Coach GYM Mistake #7 – Not having a training partner Coach[/caption]

A fitness training partner is an important, very important factor. Therefore, not having a fitness partner dooms your fitness results to at least 50% lower fitness efficiency and hence 50% fewer results that you care about, right?

GYM Mistake #8 – Lack of Positive Thinking

Lack of belief in success is a scourge to your fitness results. When you go to the gym, smile for God's sake! You are going to train the most important things for you:

  • The heart
  • The wind
  • Your physique

Sullen faces and apathetic states - they are already everywhere. Hey, pull yourself together and smile! Positive thinking carries over to your psyche and mind as a whole! If we have 100% dedication and 100% Mind – Muscle – Connection – everything will be fine! Believe in success, otherwise, la ack of positive thinking dooms your fitness results!

GYM Mistake # 9 – Lack of Diet

Yes, anyone can exercise, but does everyone have clear nutritional principles to follow? In the halls, I see how training programs are drawn up, and followed, for example, and is a diet followed? And how many of them comply? How many of these programs are working? With 1 kiwi before training or a handful of raw nuts, forget about the results! Because only and only correct recovery is a guarantee of success!

You know, very often ladies say - "From the gym, I gained muscle and became strong and thick!". Well, tell me, should I try your program, something tempts me with this idea. The wrong diet has led you to this state dear ladies! You have "traces" of testosterone, there is no way you can physiologically increase your levels of active muscle mass in 6-8 calendar weeks, understand this. The wrong diet, with a preponderance of the wrong carbohydrates, overfills your glycogen stores or everything goes as fat.

That stiffness in your muscles that you feel is not because of more muscle, but because of more carbohydrates and glycogen (or lactic acid ), which creates your muscle bulk. What this means is that you don't have a diet that works for you! This is the truth and from here the conclusion - that the lack of a nutritional plan dooms your fitness results. Am I wrong? Or let me remind you that 80% of your success is nutrition...! And what about the men - they want to become like the fitness models in the magazines in 3 months, but without stopping with beer and fries. Well, such a film "doesn't exist" anywhere in the theaters!

GYM Mistake # 10 – Lack of knowledge in choosing a training room

Gyms are springing up like mushrooms, but are they rationally "charged" with equipment - no! In Bulgaria, some gyms are copies of the Hard Core Bodybuilding gyms, and can the ordinary citizens that I am referring to even with this material train in them? Think about it...

Do the gyms have sections for group fitness classes or do they have sections for proper circuit fitness training, for beginners? For people with problems and complaints? Therefore, this is where the other most common mistake of the exerciser comes from - to work with incorrect exercises for his body and spirit.


The 10 GYM Mistakes are:

  • #1 – Lack any concept of fitness results GYM Mistake
  • #2 – Lack of desire to train GYM Mistake
  • #3 – An incorrect technique in performing fitness movements
  • #4 – Lack Of Concentration
  • #5 – Too long/Short Fitness Training
  • #6 – Lack of effective gear GYM Mistake
  • #7 – Not having a training partner/Coach GYM Mistake
  • #8 – Lack of Positive Thinking GYM Mistake
  • #9 – Lack of Diet GYM Mistake
  • #10 – Lack of knowledge in choosing a training room